Neo Visions

  • What are Neo Visions?

    Neo Visions are units that possess characteristics completely new to FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS.

    The Neo Vision unit system includes:

    • EX Awakenings
      - A new unit awakening method
    • Brave Shift
      - A function that allows units to change forms during battle
    • Brave Abilities
      - Exclusive abilities that can be enhanced to a maximum of 5 levels
    • Vision Cards
      - A new and exclusive type of equipment with its own equipment slot
  • How to Acquire Neo Vision Units

    There are two ways to acquire Neo Vision (NV) units.
    The first is to directly summon them through Neo Vision Crystals.
    The second is to awaken 7★ units to Neo Vision units.

    1. Directly Summoning Neo Vision Units

    If a red crystal appears upon performing a summon,
    then you have summoned a Neo Vision unit!
    You will also receive a vision card with every Neo Vision unit you summon.

    2. Awakening 7★ Units to NV Status

    The following three conditions need to be met to awaken a 7★ unit to NV status:

    • The unit has been awakened to 7★
    • The unit has been raised to the maximum level (Lv. 120)
    • The unit's super trust master reward has been obtained

    【Items Needed for an NV Awakening】

    *The number of 7★ units awakenable to Neo Vision will continue increasing regularly.

  • Brave Shift

    Neo Visions (NV) and units awakenable to NV can use "Brave Shift"
    during battle to switch to unique forms of themselves.
    This changes their appearance, their parameters, and the abilities they can use on the field!
    To make the best of this new mechanic, you can even arrange different equipment sets for each of the unit's two existing forms:
    its form before a Brave Shift, and the one following a Brave Shift.
    *The same equipment may also be used for both unit forms.
    You can Brave Shift whenever you like during a single turn. However,
    each unit differs in the duration of turns required until its Brave Shift can be activated,
    the number of turns it remains in effect, and the length of its cooldown period.

    Example: Cloud (FFVII REMAKE)

    Before Brave Shift:
    • ・True-doublehand single-target finisher
    • ・Increased damage against humans
    After Brave Shift:
    • ・Increased damage against machina monsters
    • ・Can imbue lightning element
    • ・Deals damage to all targets
  • Brave Abilities

    “Brave Abilities” are special abilities that only Neo Vision and units awakenable to NV possess.
    These abilities can be enhanced up to Lv. 5 (maximum level)
    by using materials such as brave insignia and forticite.

    Example: Cloud (FFVII REMAKE)

    Brave Ability

    Braver (FFVII REMAKE) Lv. 4
    Deal 8,300% damage to one enemy

    Brave Ability

    Braver (FFVII REMAKE) Lv. 5
    Deal 10,000% damage to one enemy

  • Vision Cards

    Vision cards are a new type of equipment for Neo Visions (NV) and units awakenable to NV.
    By equipping a vision card to a unit, you can increase its parameters.
    When summoning a Neo Vision unit, you will obtain a random vision card as a bonus.
    However, said vision card will not be the one assigned to that specific NV unit.
    In addition, when awakening a Neo Vision unit to EX levels +1 and +3,
    you will obtain one copy of that NV unit’s assigned vision card.
    Additionally, vision cards can be enhanced by fusing them with other vision cards!

    Enhancing a vision card will increase that card’s base parameters and
    unlock new abilities at different levels.

  • EX Awakenings

    Neo Visions (NV) and units awakenable to NV can use EX Awakenings to become even stronger.
    EX Awakenings enable you to enhance an NV unit’s parameters, unlock the usage of that unit’s “Brave Shift,”
    as well as obtain that unit’s assigned vision card.
    *Benefits from EX Awakenings differ between Neo Visions and units awakenable to NV.

    Neo Vision Units

    Items needed for EX Awakening: Unit Fragments, Transcension Pearls

    • EX+1
      • ・Base parameters increase
      • ・Brave Shift
      • ・Unit-specific vision card
      • ・Enhancement vision card: Metal Gigantuar’s Here! x3
    • EX+2
      • ・Base parameters increase
      • ・Unit-specific super trust moogle (100%)
      • ・Enhancement vision card: Metal Gigantuar’s Here! x5
      • ・1/10 NV Summon Ticket
    • EX+3
      • ・Base parameters increase
      • ・Unit-specific vision card
      • ・Enhancement vision card: Metal Gigantuar’s Here! x7

    Units Awakenable to NV

    Items needed for EX Awakening: Unit Fragments, Ascension Pearls, Transcension Pearls

    • EX+1
      • ・Base parameters increase
      • ・Brave Shift
    • EX+2
      • ・Base parameters increase
      • ・Enhancement vision card: Metal Gigantuar’s Here! x1
    • EX+3
      • ・Base parameters increase
      • ・Enhancement vision card: Metal Gigantuar’s Here! x2
  • How to Obtain Enhancement and Awakening Materials

    Enhancement materials can be obtained from event quests, item exchange shops, by converting units, etc.

    Where to Obtain EX Awakening Materials: Unit Fragments, Ascension Pearls, and Transcesion Pearls

    • Unit Fragment Conversion
    • Bundles
    • Event Campaigns


    Where to Obtain Brave Ability Enhancement Materials: Brave Insignia and Forticite

    [Brave Insignia]
    • Event Quests (Challenge of the Brave)
      *Planned to run every one to two months.
    • Shop


    Where to Obtain Enhancement Vision Cards

    • EX Awakenings
    • Battle Arena Weekly Ranking Rewards


    *Other means of obtaining these materials may be made available in the future.

New Neo Vision Units

Tifa Enhancement Quests

Clear the quests and prepare Tifa for NV awakening!
[Event Period]
August 20 - September 2
[Obtainable Units/Items]
5★ Tifa, Tifa's Prism, 3★ Trust Moogle (Tifa 100%),
3★ Super Trust Moogle (Tifa 100%)

Original Vision Card

Original Vision Card
To commemorate the arrival of Neo Visions, we're

giving all players a special "4th Anniversary Celebration" Vision Card!

You can receive up to two cards by logging in during the celebratory period.
*Please see in-game announcements for more information.

Challenge of the Brave

Clearing "Challenge of the Brave"
will award you with the Brave Ability enhancement material
"brave insignia," exclusive to Neo Vision units.
*Brave insignia types vary depending on the quest.
Get Cloud (FFVII REMAKE)'s brave insignia
from "Challenge of the Brave: Guardians of the Planet"!

[Event Period]
August 20 - September 2