New Player Support Campaign!

New Player Support Campaign!

Campaign Period: 7/22~8/25 PDT

Join now and you can immediately max out Cetra Descendant Aerith's level, so you can start using her right away when participating in events!

Neo Vision Cetra Descendant Aerith

You can receive Cetra Descendant Aerith for free during the period!

arrow items Plus, there are great deals on bundles for new players, and a new player login bonus that allows you to choose 1 NV unit of your choice!

Max out Cetra Descendant Aerith's level with the “FFVII REMAKE Collaboration Giveaway”!

Plus, there are great deals on bundles for new players, and a new player login bonus that allows you to choose 1 NV unit of your choice! arrow
Lord of the Sewers and 5★ unit Reno (FVII REMAKE)

Play the FFVII REMAKE event and get 5★ unit Reno (FVII REMAKE)!


Progress smoothly through the
game’s original story!

3 Steps for New Players to Power Up

Power up units

Quests and campaigns that are recommended for gathering materials necessary to power up units

Amazing Enhancements Half Energy
Participate in events and story currently being held Lord of the Sewers World Take on Nemeses Chamber of the Fallen

Defeat Nemeses to obtain powerful equipment/abilities!

Defeat Nemeses to obtain powerful equipment/abilities!

Anniversary Campaign

Anniversary Login Bonus

Part 1 Campaign Period: 7/1~7/21 PDT

Part 2 Campaign Period: 7/22~8/18 PDT

5th Anniversary Special Login Bonus!

Free 5th Anniversary Celebration Summon

Free 5th Anniversary Celebration Summon

Campaign Period: 6/29~8/4 PDT

A special free 5+5 Summon to celebrate the 5th Anniversary!
Of the 10 units, 5 are guaranteed to be at least 5★!

  • *1 time per person
  • *Units included in the summon pool are units up to 6/24/2021.
  • *Limited time and collaboration units are not included.

Free Weekly Anniversary 10+1 Summon

Free Weekly Anniversary 10+1 Summon

Campaign Period: 7/1~8/4 PDT

A special free 10+1 Summon to celebrate the 5th Anniversary
(one unit guaranteed to be 5★ or NV)

FFBE 5th Anniversary Slots de Chocobo

FFBE 5th Anniversary Slots de Chocobo

Campaign Period: 7/1~8/25 PDT

A special slot machine to celebrate the 5th Anniversary will arrive!
Obtain amazing rewards

5th Anniversary Player‘s Voice Summon

5th Anniversary Player‘s Voice Summon option 1 5th Anniversary Player‘s Voice Summon option 2 5th Anniversary Player‘s Voice Summon option 3

Campaign Period: 7/1~7/14 PDT

The campaign that collects the most votes will be held in the game!
Use the voting tickets to summon from the banner
with the name of your favorite campaign.

Comeback Login Bonus

Campaign Period: 7/1~8/4 PDT

Fabulous rewards will be given out depending
on the total number of days logged in following your comeback!

*Applicable to users of Rank 3 and above who have
not logged into the game for at least 30 days.

New Unit & Event

Global  Original Neo Vision unit arrives!! July 1, 2021

  • Louise
  • White Dragon Ling
    White Dragon Ling

Elena is awaken to Neo Vision!! July 1, 2021


Celebratory Elena Giveaway Pre-Anniversary Countdown Login Bonus

Campaign period: 6/17~8/4 PDT

Log in during the campaign period and obtain 7★ Elena!

5th Anniversary Panel Quests

5th Anniversary Panel Quests

Campaign period: 7/1~8/4 PDT

A special panel-format quest will arrive in
celebration of the 5th Anniversary!
This is your chance to get fabulous rewards
such as Elena Fragments and 1/10 NV Summon Tickets!

New Event

<story Event> Fundamental Forces: Researcher Arc

<story Event> Fundamental Forces: Researcher Arc

Campaign period: 7/1~7/14 PDT

Story of Louise as she becomes the third Warrior of the Crystal.
Can obtain lapis, various awakening materials,
NV EX Ticket (3★/4★/5★/NV),
and more through story event missions.

<Challenge of the Brave> Transcendent Heroes: VS Louise

<Challenge of the Brave> Transcendent Heroes: VS Louise

Campaign period: 7/1~

Obtain "Researcher’s Badge",
enhancing recipe and material
of the Corundum Blaster (Louise’s TMR),
to enhance Louise’s TMR to +4!

Unit Popularity Poll

To celebrate the 5th Anniversary, we are holding a popularity poll !
The character who is chosen as
first place will be introduced with a new design.
All players will receive in-game rewards according
to the total number of votes received!

Click here to vote!

Unit Popularity Poll

Event Period: 6/30 0:00 ~7/13 23:59 PDT

Clash of Wills

"Clash of Wills" is a new event type featuring 3 new major functions

  1. An Evolving Boss Battle
  2. Morale gauge
  3. Challenge options

An Evolving Boss battle

Clash of Wills is an evolving boss with
99 levels of incremental difficulty,
becoming stronger and more complex as it goes,
and allowing players to target
the difficulty level most suited for them.

new "Morale" mechanic

Morale shifts according to various actions
by the player or the enemy within the battle.

Lower Morale / Raise Morale

*Feature still under development.

Challenge options

Players can further increase difficulty of the boss through
the use of challenge options to challenge themselves.
Selecting challenge options is not necessary
to claim the basic Level Clear Rewards,
but selecting challenge options will
give you an extra score multiplier,
so it will be very important when you
want to aim for higher rankings.

Ranking System

the player will be rewarded points depending on
a number of scoring criteria such as
"Maximum Damage Dealt in 1 Turn", "Number of turns passed".
Compete with the maximum score achived in one battle.

Event schedule

The event will generally be held every month,
on the weeks when Dark Visions is not running.

  • Event: "Clash of Wills: The Empress from Beyond"
  • Boss: Vestige of Morgana
  • First run: 7/1 ~7/14 PDT


  1. 1 Season limited exchange coins

    Clash of Wills will change seasons every 3 runs,
    and you can use exclusive exchange coins
    obtained from within the same season in order to
    exchange for various rewards on the exchange shop.

  2. 2 Xenostone Shards

    By gathering enough Xenostone Shards,
    you will be able to obtain and upgrade various equipment.
    For example, you can customize your crown
    to grant a bonus to the unit's chain modifier cap,
    or you can choose to give it killer effects instead.

    *details will avalable in-game notification

A thorough survey of FFBE Global Players

Player rank ratios

Where do you enjoy FFBE?

  • United States of America

  • Mexico

  • Indonesia

  • Philippines

  • Canada

  • France

What do you like about FFBE?

  • FINAL FANTASY series character

  • Battle system

  • World and Story

  • Collaboration

  • Original character

Which FINAL FANTASY series do you enjoy?






What collaboration would you like to see?

  • NieR




  • MANA

What role types do you enjoy?

  • Physical Attacker

  • Magic Attacker

  • Support

  • Tank

  • Healer

  • Magic Tank

What Event quest do you enjoy?

  • Collaboration Event

  • Story Event

  • Global Original/Dark Visions

What “Nemeses” do you enjoy?

  • Series boss battles

  • Chamber of Arms

  • Chamber of Fallen

  • Chamber of Indignant

  • Chamber of Vengeful

Number of Nemeses defeated so far in the Chamber of the Fallen


Number of Bahamuts defeated in Heavenly Flames - ELT


Most-summoned unit *from among the summon banners that use lapis



Amount of lapis used to summon in the past year

39,206,003,825 Lapis

Number of equipment, abilities, and units introduced since the release of FFBE

  • 2105 equipment(weapon + armor + accessories)
  • 1955 abilities
  • 700 units

*As of June 16, 2021.
NVA unit do not count as a new unit.
Unit for enhancement or sell are not counted.

What is your favorite Character from Season 1, 2, and 3?

  • Season 1

    • Rain


    • Lasswell

    • Fina

  • Season 2

    • Akster


    • Raegen

    • Physalis

  • Season 3

    • Daisy


    • Cleome

    • Bruce

What is your favorite Esper?

  • Bahamut

  • Odin

  • Asura

  • Diabolos

  • Shiva

What do you think should be improved for better playing experience?

  • Event / Contents

  • Unit power creep

  • Bugs

  • Communication

If you could use a miracle power just once, what would it be?

  • 7 days of Daily Quests that give 10,000 Lapis 

  • Pick the units you want in a 10+1 Summon

  • Become a producer for a day and customize the game however you want

  • Pick 20 items you want in the Exchange Shop