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Rain returns to Grandshelt,
having witnessed the presidential inauguration
and thus the beginning of a new era on Paladia.

He returns to the peaceful life he once knew,
until the Sworn Eight appear before him,
shrouded by an ominous aura.

The Sworn Eight overpower Rain
with their immense strength,
leaving him near death before they abduct him.

Raegen, meanwhile, hears news
of the ""eight armored figures""
who kidnapped his son...

Immediately his thoughts go to the other members
of the Sworn Eight, who have only just gone missing.

After 700 long years,
a fate connected to the Veritas has returned
to strike down Rain and the others.

Ruin threatens to befall the world
as another Darklord
seeks out vengeance...

New Ability

Leader Skill

*Feature still under development.

  • What are Leader Skills?

    What are Leader Skills?

    Assigning a unit that possesses a leader skill as the leader of your party will boost the parameters of other party members that belong to specific category(s).

    Leader skills will take effect after a unit with a leader skill has been added to the party and selected as party leader.

    • *This image is for reference only. As of 3/23, leader skills will not be implemented for Akstar & Cleome.

    Unit Categories

    Unit Categories

    Unit categories can be viewed under the Category tab in the Unit Details screen.

    Players will also be able to view other units that belong to these categories by tapping a category name in the category list.

    • *Categories will be added to Neo Vision and some 7★ units only in the version update on 3/23.

    Set these units as leader in battle to try out new leader skills!

    Victorious Dark
    Inviolable Dark
    Victorious Celebration
    • *Requirement: Set as party leader

New Units

March 16, 2023 (PDT) joins the fray!!

Blade of Vengeance Ibara

  • Blade of Vengeance Ibara
  • Wish-Granting Demon
  • Leader Skill

March 23, 2023 (PDT) joins the fray!!


  • Overall Description


Benevolent Oni
Login Bonus
Obtain Ibara for FREE by logging in!

Campaign Period:
March 16 - April 12 (PDT)

  • *Campaign details available in-games.

Blade of
Daily Free 5

Campaign Period:
March 16 - March 22 (PDT)

  • *Campaign details available in-games.
Blade of Vengeance Daily Free 5 Summon